3 Barriers To Early Business Growth

During the work we’ve done with our partners, we’ve identified that small business owners & entrepreneurs run into 3 different but equally tough barriers to business growth from a marketing standpoint:

1. They’re Time & Budget Constrained – Owners should be focusing on what they truly excel at and leverage outside resources whether that’s through technology or more hands on deck. We’ve found they need someone to help them “run harder” at sidelined growth initiatives at a fraction of the cost of bringing on an additional team member or full-time employee.

2. They’re Unsure Where To Start – There are over 2,000+ marketing & sales tools out there right now. There’s uncertainty of what ones they should be leveraging specifically for their business. There’s simply not enough time to evaluate every single tool out there on their own.

3. They’ve Identified Growth Barriers, But Need Help Removing Them – Sometimes they’ve already identified barriers to business growth or want to increase their current growth trajectory, but need help executing the plan. In other words, they know exactly what they need to do but simply are lacking resources to do it.

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing – we first encourage you to request us to share the 10 free tools we’re using to help grow our business and secondly – fill out our “Contact Us” form! https://www.gogreymatter.com/contact-us


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