Achieve More With Your Lead Capture Forms With Clearbit Forms

What it is:

Clearbit Forms is a form-building tool that makes it incredibly simple to gather information about a lead without them having to type it. It can be customized and used on your website, app, landing page, etc., and easily integrates with your CRM. The integration feature helps compile your new leads and update your existing ones. Clearbit ensures quality leads with no guessing games.

Who it’s for:

Clearbit Forms is for anyone looking to generate high-quality leads on the internet or add quality information to your current CRM prospects and clients. It makes it easy to create a form that does all the work for you, so you can spend less time researching your leads and more time working with them.

How it works:

When you sign up for Clearbit, it gets to work right away, pulling your information with just your company email. You can immediately set up forms customized for your brand. It can be as little as just the person’s email, which it requires to be a valid company email, and it will search through the user’s cookies and use the email to pull the rest of the contact information from their name to their title. It will then add the new lead to your CRM, and you haven’t lifted a finger.

Clearbit forms also boasts their ability to enrich your CRM prospects. Its seamless integration to most CRM services allows it to scrub your client list and add new information you are missing for your current contacts, making sure you have all the correct information you need for a valuable lead.

How we’re using it:

We are loving Clearbit Forms on our website. It requires a valid company email to make sure you’re getting the most quality information for each lead. We utilize one of the forms on a page where a user can download our content. It makes it simple for the user because all they have to do is enter their email, Clearbit fills in the rest behind the scenes for us.

These forms have provided us with many valuable prospects and it helps keep our CRM clean and correct.

Do you want to implement Clearbit Forms for your website too? Get in touch with us today to find out how.


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